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Friday, 13 — Saturday, 21 November 2020

Okay, and then we start again from last friday.

Last friday, i coulnd’t sleep again on the night before, as usual, so i woke up so late, after i woke up, i went to the market in a rush, to buy things i couldnt bought on thursday. i did it!! the task is done, until.. i got another task to do in an instant, while the market was already closing :) wow me.

I asked my friends what to do, where i could bought it, i searched on online stores, and in short, i finally found a store to buy the things i need to buy, but the store is kinda far away from my house, so i should sent it to my cousin’s house, and picked them up at night (while actually.. i should be staying at a hotel at that night, since the day after i should be working) but i thought it was ok, so i contact my friend and asked her to eat at wingheng lol fyi wingheng is a dimsum restaurant at North Jakarta, it is very famous.

I didn’t actually want to eat wing heng that day, but.. instead of asked her to accompany me picking up those things at north jakarta (its so far awaaaay, our hotel is at South Jakarta lol), it would sounds better to ask her to eat at wingheng (which located in North Jakarta, near my cousin’s house where i should pick up the thingy) lol. Thankfully she said “yes let’s go eat wingheng” excitedly lol she was kind and loves to going out so i guess it was a win-win solution?! HAHA i already told her the truth dont worry :)

Yea then in short, i packed my things, got ready, and we berangkat to wing heng (but before we picked up the things i should pick up), then we went to hotel. There was little incident at the hotel, i got a bit mad, but i guess i passed it. It was so funnn at the hotel, maybe someday i will upload photos and videos? remind me

Then we went to sleep (instead i couldnt actually sleep), then in the morning we woke up to prepare and start working.

the event went greatt. i met some people there, it was kind of good.

Actually someone asked my instagram account lol and i got diledekin because of that :) but no problem he was kind tho

andd long story short, we gathered at Aryaduta Hotel after the event. It was soooo much fun! trust me, it was fun and i love it.

Hi, my name is Josephine, 22 y.o, dunno what else to write :) Nice to meet you! ❤