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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

What i did today:

  • sleep all daaaay (since i coulnt sleep again last night -> so i’d up for 2 consecutive nights :) but i slept for 3 hours yesterday in the afternoon dont worry). lol. should i be proud of myself?
  • Review class’s materials so i wont forget the materials too much lol
  • teach my 9th-grade-so-smart student, i laf my hustle life ❤
  • See, learn, and do stocks market :) hope there will be more green lights lol
  • Update my AFC100_ (this is my online shop account, pls kindly visit them)
  • thats it :) not much but its okay ❤

What i’m proud of myself today:

  • i successfully decrease my -way-too-much-thinking thing
  • i write this medium agaiiin yayy happy me

Whar i learnt today:

  • hmm nothing much i guess? dunno what i learnt exactly

thats it peeps hihi how are you doing? how are you feeling? i wish everything good :)

remember you matter and you are loved :) night.